Many deseases threaten the chickens and the pigs. The cause is mostly to look for in the contamination of drinking water; where much biofilm is present on the walls of the water tanks and pipes (fig 1) causing a multiplication of bacteria in drinking water. By utilizing a Gallinasonic and possibly in combination with a Biosonic (fig 2 and 3) , the organic dust deposit in the watertanks and the pipes stops, so there is much less to be cleaned and the infection is decreasing. In the of case of new installations, there will be no more biofilm formed.


In the watertank a Gallinasonic is posted, that brings the small particles of the biofilm in resonance by means of ultrasound, as a result of which they detach. A few hours later we already notice that the filter pollutes faster. After a few weeks ( and by heavy pollution: months) the biofilm in the tank and the pipes will have completely disappeared. On the pipes a Biosonic is placed that, also there, removes the biofilm. When there is no longer a biofilm present , the chances of multiplication of bacteria and fungi will be as good as non-existent.

€ 750 ex vat